L.O.F EXTREME Brake Kit – Rear


The LOF EXTREMEspec Big Brake kit is designed for High powered Land Rovers. 330mm discs are drilled and grooved, with directional vents for added cooling. Pads are made from performance Organic/ Ceramic friction material, designed to work at all operating temperatures, with minimal noise and maximum stopping power. (16” minimal wheel size)

Whats included in the kit? :

2x LOF EXTREMEspec 330mm Discs, Drilled, Grooved and directionally vented
2x LOF EXTREMEspec 4 Rear pot XL Calipers, hard anodised
4x LOF EXTREMEspec Organic composite ‘fast road’ pads
2x LOF Caliper adapter mounts
2x LOF braided Stainless brake lines
2x LOF ‘Bells’ For disc fitting
1x STC8575 Quality fitting kit
2x Sachet LOF Ceratech grease
4x Caliper mounting bolts
2x Hub seal
2x Locking tab/ nut