ARB ZERO Electrical Cool Box


ARB is Australia’s largest and oldest manufacturer of camping, off-roading and 4×4 equipment. The LAST thing you want to happen when you are out in the wild, is for your equipment to breakdown – so stick with this tried and test Australian brand for a peace of mind.

The ZERO is the newest line of portable fridge freeze, guaranteed to keep your beer cold even in the hottest jungle.

The perfect way to keep cans cold and your meals frozen with the convenience of wireless monitoring and control via your smart device, ARB’s range of ZERO dual and single zone fridge freezers is the perfect addition to your car, camper trailer or caravan when it comes to long getaways or adventures to the bush or beach. With independently controlled cooling zones to give you the best of both worlds in one fridge, a dual zone ZERO fridge freezer will give you the luxury of fridge and freezer space at the one time, while the single zone ZERO offers fridge or freezer function to ensure your food stays fresh.